Inspiration and Motivation Day

Today you'll develop the tools and the inspiration to create your ideal practice.

Session 1 and 2

Sam Bowden: The Foundation principles for an extraordinary life.

In session 1 and 2, Sam will bring to life the distilled version of the most powerful philosophies that he used to go from broke and depressed as a practice owner to living an extraordinary life on his terms in a few short years.

He shares the principles that he uses every day with his team, his family and himself to allow him to enjoy the roller-coaster of life while creating the ideal life scenario.

You’ll learn

  • The single most powerful tool you have in your life and how to wield it responsibly. Every long-term successful person I know uses this daily.
  • The six human needs which allows you to understand and predict all human behaviour (even your partner!)
  • The principle that will allow you to grow a business without it consuming your life.
  • How to identify the most important task to do daily that will supercharge your results.
  • The one line that allows you to benefit from any scenario…good or bad. This changed my life…literally.
  • The power of the struggle. How to appreciate struggle and even look forward to it.
  • How to get the weight of the universe behind you rather than on top of you.
  • How to make failure impossible.
  • The principle that takes you from victim to empowered. (Vital for kids to know this as well!)

Session 3

Li Cunxin: Get inspired, realise your potential, and turn your challenges into opportunities

Ever had challenges that feel insurmountable?
Ever have a dream but it seems too far away, too big for you, and you don’t know where to start?
Feeling overwhelmed or burnt out?

Li Cunxin will share his incredible story and the lessons he learned along the way, to becoming the very best in his profession. This is like sitting down with the holder of the Holy Grail and asking, What do you think I should do now given my situation?

If you need inspiration, need to get your mojo back, if everything feels like a grind, or if you are sick of feeling like doors keep shutting in your face, get ready to blow them wide open!

This session will fill your tank with inspiration, self-belief and momentum. It’ll give you the fuel to go for your most extraordinary life.

Session 4

Mastermind 1: Mapping out your current reality.

During a guided mastermind session, you will explore your current scenario to understand:

  • Why you get the results you do in life.
  • Which parts are working well?
  • Which parts are not working well?
  • What’s harder than it needs to be?
  • What is it that you most want or need right now in your life?

After Session Social Event.

After an intriguing day, you’ll walk out straight onto a golf course green to enjoy drinks, a selection of canapes and a number of entertaining team games, to get you chatting and laughing with your fellow participants.

A great way to swap ideas, challenges or just have a laugh.

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Removing Your Roadblocks

What are the elements that get in the way of creating your ideal practice? Today you will uncover them and build strategies to overcome them.

Session 1

Tracy Secombe: From Burnout to Blaze.

  • Are you feeling “Over it”?
  • Have the last 2 years been a grind, and you have lost your enthusiasm in your professional or business life?
  • What used to excite you in your practice is now a chore?
  • Maybe you’re successful financially but not feeling fulfilled?
  • It’s likely you have been infected with the CBF’D virus!

You’ll be glad to know there is a cure for this that doesn’t require vaccination!

During this session, Tracy will explore the five stages of burnout and what to do to get back to stage one.

The stage of unbridled enthusiasm, when you feel on fire.

Session 2

Andrew Roberts: From fearful to fearless.

Ever asked yourself, what would you do if you could not fail?

In this session you will identify which of the most common human fears are keeping you collared and then specific strategies on how to break the shackles.

This is the primary domino to unleashing your full potential.

You will experience more confidence, less fear and more excitement of what’s possible without the shackles on you.

Session 3

Sam Bowden: How to recruit the ideal team during an employment shortage.

Currently there is more work than people to do it. Or so it seems.

What used to work to recruit a team member is simply not working now.

During this session Sam will show you the 4 step process they use to help their clients find, and successfully employ, the ideal team members when no one else can.

You will discover a simple yet powerful strategy that IS working right now.

Session 4

Mastermind 2: Creating your new future

Now that you’ve identified where you are, what’s holding you back, it’s time to create your compelling future.

Once again in a guided mastermind, you will challenge your current way of thinking to map out a plan to create a future, that is inspiring, compelling and fulfilling.

After Session Social Event.

6.30pm -....well that's up to you!

6.30pm -….well thats up to you!

Bogan Bingo!

Time to bring out your inner bogan. Don your best flanno, pull on a hideous mullet, stuff the Winnie Reds in the pocket and get ready for an evening of food, drinks and outrageous fun.

After 2 years of rules, restriction and grind, it’s time you let your hair down and enjoyed being carefree for an evening.

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Bringing It All Together.

What are the elements that get in the way of creating your ideal practice? Today you will uncover them and build strategies to overcome them.

Session 1

Shane Barker: Every journey starts with one step. Lets get started!

Well you’ve got a rough plan, (maybe a rough head from last night!) but you not sure what the next step is.

From the session yesterday you will have identified what your biggest bottleneck is right now.

During this session you will find strategic solutions to your bottlenecks, so you’ll be ready to take your next obvious step in creating your ideal practice.

Session 2

Anthony Laye: How to influence like a magician using advanced communication

Now your inspired, you’ve got your plan and your clear on next steps. You will need to bring some people along on the ride with you.

This requires being a leader and it requires a certain skill.

The skill of influence.

Anthony will not only dazzle you with how he can influence you, he’ll also pull back the curtains and show you what to do.

This session is to teach you very subtle and very advanced communication skills that you will use everyday, to get results that will surprise you.

You will remember and talk about this session for a long, long time.

Session 3

The Big Finale.

As in any great event, the closing act is special.
No more content…
No more strategies…
It’s about you.
That’s all I’ll say…

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