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Li Cunxin

Li Cunxin was born into Mao’s communist China. His life is an incredible story of challenge and triumph despite overwhelming odds.
Born as the sixth son of Chinese peasants in extreme rural poverty during Mao’s Communist China, he was exposed to many hardships including watching the murder of 15 non conformists, extreme hunger and no real hope of a brighter future.

Through a lucky break, at age 11 he was offered an opportunity to learn ballet at Madame Mao’s academy.
He went on to become one of the world’s best known ballet dancers after defecting to America. He shares the harrowing experience of revoking Chinese communism and the resulting international media storm that followed, which involved the then Vice President, Mr George Bush Snr.
Li’s extraordinary autobiography Mao’s Last Dancer was published in 2003 and received the Australian Book of the year in 2004. A tale of talent, faith and determination, the book is a moving account of the moral complexities, personal costs and rich rewards of following one’s dreams.
It is now sold in over 20 countries.
He has gone on to become a stock broker, the artistic director at Queensland ballet, a bestselling author, has been on Australian Story and has a movie made of his life, Mao’s Last Dancer.
An inspirational and motivational speaker, Li Cunxin’s story is a beautiful account of his extraordinary journey told with honesty, dignity and pride. He humbly shares the lessons he has learnt along the way so that others can gain the insight from his extraordinary journey.


Anthony Laye

Delivering unique presentations around the globe, Anthony Laye is one of the world’s leading Mentalists.
Whether you can believe your eyes or not this is a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience and truly a phenomenon not to be missed.

If you’re in business, you’re in the business of people, there is no one that knows how to get into the mind of people better than Anthony Laye. He shows audiences how to know what other people are thinking, use non-verbal communication to build rapport and also understand the messages their own body language is giving out.
Whether he is reading someone’s mind or giving others the tools to accurately decode people’s nonverbal behaviour, Anthony’s sessions are fast paced, interactive and delightfully witty as well as empowering and inspiring.
In 2014, Anthony was chosen over all the other mentalists in the world to perform in the international hit production of The Illusionists.
An entertaining guide through leadership, influence, communication, career growth, networking tools and strategies, presented through live demonstrations of mentalism, engaging the audience by emotionally connecting and anchoring the lessons into their minds.

He is a specialist in human communication and behaviour.


Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts is an executive coach with 20 years experience, a serial entrepreneur and a business scaling specialist.
He has started, built and sold three 7 figure companies.
The son of a New England wool grower, Andrew is well known as one of Australia’s leading business mentors, is a Strategic Business specialist, and has been instrumental as a mentor for a host of companies featured in various Business Review Weekly Top 100 lists

Although he has provided the path as a coach for some of the fastest growing companies in Australia he openly admits, “I get a bigger kick from seeing your present happiness improve”.
His insight into human behaviour (especially fears) allows him to create cutting edge strategies that allow businesses to scale quickly. Recently he took a business from $100,000 a month to $900,000 a month in 6 months!
By helping his clients identify and overcome their fears, he allows them to go from linear to parabolic progression.
His high energy and knowledge of “business hacks” allows his clients to create more in one year than they did in the previous 10 years.


Shane Barker

A “Freak” in the Business Consulting world…
He has the unique ability to help business owners develop the strategies AND mindset to achieve sustainable success in their businesses…
Regardless of the industry.
Healthcare. Veterinary. Legal. Brewing. Retail.
Construction. Manufacturing. Automobile. Finance.
Are some of the industries he has helped businesses become standouts in.

Shane helps business owners along the journey from self-employed to CEO, whilst maintaining balanced flourishing personal lives.
Shane’s relentless pursuit of business mastery combined with his desire to understand what makes elite performers ‘tick’ make him a true ‘high performance coach’.
Shane is married to Sally and is Dad to Charlie (6) and Sophie (3).


Your Host: Sam Bowden

Sam Bowden is a serial entrepreneur, a business mentor, an event creator and an investor.
Growing up on a 36,000 acre sheep station taught him resourcefulness at a very young age.
Originally a veterinarian by trade, he has bought or built nine businesses in and out of health professions, including two veterinary practices. Only one of these nine businesses were unsuccessful or as he describes it, “feedback not failure”.

His skillset is combining long-lasting mindset changes in individuals and teams with practical yet powerful business strategies to help practice owners create extraordinary practices.
His ability to identify and remove the psychological anchors in people allows their practices to quickly evolve to the desired level of success, control and leverage.
His point of difference is to help his clients build practices that give them a life, not take it away from them in a very short period of time.
He has devoted his last 12 years to helping practice owners and teams increase their happiness, work life balance and profitability through his innovative events, programs and coaching.

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